Feedback & Endorsements

Temi Chandler -Browne, Business Owner
This strategy has helped us move forward. It was a difficult decision to bring in an external element – but it was so worthwhile. DDC exceeded our expectations.
Lorraine Thompson, London based Consultant
A very good event. I enjoyed the presentation and networking
Director, London based telemarketing business
Overall, this event was very good, I enjoyed the networking
Sola, Lawyer and attendee
A comprehensive, clear and inspiring presentation -I am definitely on board; I see businesses the impetus and continued support needed not only to ride out the recession, but indeed excel
Bob Williams, Client
The tenacity and effort when the situation is an inherited problem really makes me glad, Gloria was involved in this change management programme. It says alot about her resolve that even when the going go tough, Gloria not only kept going but kept focused on the vision. She made sure everyone was managing his or her stress levels and gave unrelenting support so that everyone could deal with the challenge competently. The results when they came were down to that combination of sheer grit and grace.
Cynthia Dize, Charity Trustee
Gloria is conscientious and committed and produces solutions to even long-standing problems. She is also a good leader, able to bring people on board through times of change.
Tia Phillips, Business Owner
Gloria is a thoughtful strategist. She has a very sharp mind with a warm and personable approach, which makes her a pleasure to work with. An excellent problem solver Gloria has a way of dealing with complex situations in such a way that shows the power of pragmatism, creativity and diligence!
Patrick Moloney, Management Consultant
Gloria is a visionary with a solution focused and pragmatic approach to business ,having worked with her on some complex organisational agendas her ability to convey complex issues and break these down into manageable tasks was refreshing resulting in a complete turnaround and strategic realignment of businesses and departments. Gloria is a tenacious and committed professional who is very supportive of individuals and works collaboratively across departments ensuring that everyone is involved. Gloria is very committed and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.