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​Our detox series looks at key challenges faced by leaders and managers.
It isn't a new revelation that small and medium sized charities are struggling in the current economic climate. Even in boom times charities are challenged by resource and capacity issues. Problems are exacerbated when times are hard.

A general observation is that the commitment to services users is so high that staff will do their utmost to ensure services do not suffer. Then there is tension of having to be accountable for outcomes , to monitor quality and at the same time respond to stringent management and organisational demands. This leads to high organisational stress. This usually means staff are over stretched and stressed. The knock on effect of these factors can be detrimental to the culture, performance and service delivery aspects of an organisation.

There are 4 main indicators of a problem.

1. High rate of staff absenteeism.
2. Failure to meet organisational targets
3. Organisation operates in survival mode not development mode.
4. Management and leadership overload.

There are usually a whole host of other features which unchecked can lead to crisis.

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